A virtual office offers a business entity with all benefits and perks of a real office – an official phone number and address for official communication. The advantage of a virtual office is that a business entity need not invest funds in acquiring a physical property to set up an office space.

This kind of Virtual Office is best suited for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs who have just begun, or it could even be a music band that needs an address for their official correspondence.

Flexisapce’s Virtual Office gives you the freedom to choose any of our locations across India and make it your virtual business address! From having access to complimentary meeting rooms, a professional number, postage and courier handling to receive support and more – Flexisapces Virtual Office has unique, cost-efficient subscription packages to fit every business need!  

Capitalize on business opportunities as you opt from our wide array of impressive offices located at business districts across the major metropolitans. Multiply your presence, scale swiftly and work from anywhere across the globe!